Frying pan Duo Efficient

Ref: A271462

Given the success of the Efficient collection, BRA has wanted to expand its collection with its new Efficient Duo frying pan, much more than an omelette pan. It is a robust frying pan made of cast aluminum with a PFOA-free Teflon Platinum Plus non-stick coating.
It is suitable for all heat sources (including induction) thanks to its full induction diffuser bottom. It also has an excellent distribution of temperature for perfect cooking of all our recipes.
It is ideal for cooking tortillas without risk of burns when turning. Made up of two pans, they fit together thanks to their hermetic red closure, avoiding spilling when turning.


  • Made of cast aluminum highly resistant to deformation (5.5mm thick at the base).

  • Full induction bottom compatible with all heat sources including induction.

  • Platinum Plus non-stick coating 100% PFOA free and you get easy cleaning and maximum hygiene by not having any aluminum part in contact with the outside.

  • Ergonomic handle that allows you to turn Duo with both hands for a comfortable and secure grip.

  • Roast cooking with oven effect: thanks to its insulating gasket together with the magnet in its handle, it creates a completely uniform oven effect inside the pan.

  • Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

  • Fully sustainable and environmentally friendly set.



REF - A271463 - A271464 - A271462
EAN 8411796116288 8411796117186 8411796117179
Packaging units 2 2 2
Dimensions 46.50cm (Length) x 26.00cm (Width) x 11.00cm (Height) 49.00cm (Length) x 28.00cm (Width) x 11.00cm (Height) 43.00cm (Length) x 22.00cm (Width) x 11.00cm (Height)
Diameter 24 cm 26 cm 20 cm
Induction steel diameter 17 cm 19 cm 14 cm
Base thickness 5,5 mm.
Weight 1.900 g
Collection Efficient
Colour Black and orange