Bra is much more
than kitchenware

Bra is passion

BRA is the leading company in manufacturing and marketing of all types of kitchen
and dining products made of 18/10 stainless steel and aluminium. But it is much more than that.
BRA means cookery; it is how passionate we make our products and how passionate our customers cook with them.
BRA means constantly improving, exceeding expectations and making life taste better every day.

BRA is more
than 50 years of history.

BRA is a story of hard work and achievements that led us to become number 1 in sales of kitchenware in Spain. Since our beginnings in 1964 we work with the goal in mind to become a reference brand in the market. During half a century our products have been constantly improved and their quality, design, and high added value have made us leaders in Spain.

BRA means expansion

Today BRA is available in the main distribution channels of more than 40 countries around the world and makes a daily effort to keep on providing answers to each market’s needs. Thanks to this philosophy, the most demanding customers of anywhere in the world can trust in us.

BRA means taking
care of the environment

BRA leads the market in sustainable cooking. We believe each step in that direction moves us forward for a better future in our planet. Therefore we focus on saving resources and minimum waste generation whenever we design our products.

Bra is also…


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