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Frying pan Fast Click

Ref: A481218
The frying pan Fast Click brings together excellent cooking results and convenience thanks to the easy-to-use detachable handle. Not only saves space, but also makes it suitable for ovens. All of this in a single movement: you will see how easy it is to detach and reattach.  The frying pan Fast Click is made of cast aluminium with a non-stick coating Teflon Select and it is suitable for all kinds of stove (including induction) thanks to its full inductions diffuser base. It also provides an excellent temperature distribution for the perfect cooking of all our recipes.


  • Made of deformation-resistant cast aluminium (5.5mm thickness at the base).

  • Full induction bottom suitable for all heat sources, including induction

  • Wear resistant non-stick coating Teflon Select. 100% PFOA-free.

  • Easy-to-use detachable handle.
    Suitable for ovens up to 220ºC without handle.

  • Dishwasher safe.


REF - A481218 - A481220 - A481222 - A481224 - A481226 - A481228
EAN 8411796110446 8411796110453 8411796110460 8411796110477 8411796110484 8411796110491
Packaging units 6 6 6 6 6 6
Dimensions 36cm (Length) x 18.8cm (Width) x 5cm (Height) 38cm (Length) x 20.8cm (Width) x 5cm (Height) 43.4cm (Length) x 23.3cm (Width) x 5cm (Height) 45.5cm (Length) x 24.6cm (Width) x 5cm (Height) 48cm (Length) x 27.9cm (Width) x 5cm (Height) 50.2cm (Length) x 29.2cm (Width) x 5cm (Height)
Diameter 18cm 20cm 22cm 24cm 26cm 28cm
Base thickness 5.5 mm.
Weight 712 g
Collection Fast Click
Colour Black and yellow