Frying pan Prior

Ref: A121448

The frying pan Prior is an ideal frying pan for the daily cooking with one of the best money values, bringing together quality and a modern design. A robust frying pan made of cast aluminium with a non-stick coating Teflon Innovations PFOA free.
Suitable for all kinds of stove (including induction) thanks to its full induction diffuser base. It also provides an excellent temperature distribution for the perfect cooking of all our recipes.


  • Made of deformation-resistant cast aluminium (5.5mm thickness at the base).

  • Full induction bottom suitable for all heat sources, including induction

  • Non-stick coating Teflon Innovations 100% PFOA-free.

  • Black ergonomic handle with green silicone for a comfortable and safe grip.

  • Dishwasher safe.


REF - A121449 - A121450 - A121451 - A121452 - A121453 - A121454 - A121455 - A121448
EAN 8411796104193 8411796102748 8411796102755 8411796102762 8411796102779 8411796102786 8411796102793
Packaging units 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6
Dimensions 55cm (Length) x 33.5cm (Width) x 9cm (Height) 36.5cm (Length) x 19.5cm (Width) x 8cm (Height) 38.5cm (Length) x 21.5cm (Width) x 8cm (Height) 42cm (Length) x 23.5cm (Width) x 9cm (Height) 44cm (Length) x 25.5cm (Width) x 9cm (Height) 46cm (Length) x 27.5cm (Width) x 9cm (Height) 50.7cm (Length) x 29.5cm (Width) x 9cm (Height) 53cm (Length) x 31.5cm (Width) x 9cm (Height)
Diameter 32cm 18cm 20cm 22cm 24cm 26cm 28cm 30cm
Induction steel diameter 14,2 cm 15,8 cm 16,9 cm 19 cm 19,8 cm 22,2 cm 23,5 cm 12,4 cm
Base thickness 5,5 mm.
Weight 1360 g
Collection Prior
Colour Black and green