Frying pan Silver

Ref: A121118

The frying pan Silver is a very resistant pan thanks to its roged cast aluminium body with a 5 mm base thickness. It also has a non-stick coating Teflon Select for perfect cooking results.
Suitable for all kinds of stove (including induction) thanks to its full induction diffuser base. 


  • Made of deformation-resistant forged aluminium (5mm thickness at the base).

  • Full induction bottom suitable for all heat sources, including induction

  • Wear resistant non-stick coating Teflon Select. 100% PFOA-free.

  • Thanks to this top quality forged aluminium frying pan you will be able to prepare any dish you could imagine with an optimal quality. Easy to use and a basic appliance in every home.
    The frying pan preserves all the flavours and nutrients of the ingredients without letting them stick to the pan and ensuring incredible easy cleaning.

  • Ergonomic and safe handle very pleasant to the touch and heat isolation.

  • Dishwasher safe.


REF - A121118 - A121120 - A121122 - A121124 - A121126 - A121128
EAN 8411796107422 8411796107439 8411796107446 8411796107453 8411796107460 8411796107477
Packaging units 6 6 6 6 6 6
Dimensions 37.5cm (Length) x 18.8cm (Width) x 8cm (Height) 39.5cm (Length) x 20.8cm (Width) x 8cm (Height) 41.5cm (Length) x 22.8cm (Width) x 8cm (Height) 45.6cm (Length) x 24.8cm (Width) x 9cm (Height) 47.7cm (Length) x 26.8cm (Width) x 9cm (Height) 49.6cm (Length) x 28.8cm (Width) x 9cm (Height)
Diameter 18cm 20cm 22cm 24cm 26cm 28cm
Base thickness 5 mm.
Weight 641 g
Colour Black