Glass lids

Ref: A134316

Universal lid for all kind of kitchenware like cooking pots, casseroles, roasters, frying pans, woks, etc.


  • Made of tempered glass with a stainless steel knob.

  • Compatible with all kind of pans and pots.

  • Dishwasher safe.



REF - A134316 - A134318 - A134320 - A134322 - A134324 - A134326 - A134330
EAN 8411796086598 8411796086604 8411796083436 8411796086611 8411796083443 8411796083450 8411796083474
Packaging units 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Dimensions 28.70cm (Length) x 16.80cm (Width) x 5.50cm (Height) 28.00cm (Length) x 19.40cm (Width) x 6.00cm (Height) 28.00cm (Length) x 21.20cm (Width) x 6.00cm (Height) 28.00cm (Length) x 22.90cm (Width) x 6.00cm (Height) 34.00cm (Length) x 25.00cm (Width) x 6.50cm (Height) 34.00cm (Length) x 27.00cm (Width) x 6.50cm (Height) 35.00cm (Length) x 29cm (Width) x 7.00cm (Height)
Diameter 16cm 18cm 20cm 22cm 24cm 26cm 30cm
Weight 300 g
Collection Lids
Colour Silver