Pressure cooker Allure

Ref: A185802

The super-fast pressure cooker with lid form the Allure series is made of the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel with a 5.8 mm thickness heat distribution base covered with ferric steel suitable for induction hobs. Pressure cooking provides fundamental respect for the ingredients, preserving vitamins and saving time and energy consumption thanks to the highly reduced cooking time compared to traditional cooking.


  • It has two pressure levels:
    Low pressure for soft ingredients up to 0.6 kg/cm2
    High pressure for harder ingredients up to 1 Kg/cm2.

  • It has a built-in blocking valve that prevents the OPENING OF THE PRESSURE COOKER whenever there is any pressure inside.

  • Pressure cooker with EC type-approval.

  • Special polished finish on the outside, both on the cooking pot’s body and lid, and a satin finish on the inside.

  • Ergonomic handle with a red insert makes opening the lid easy and convenient, also with an innovative design.

  • Diffuser base reaches an optimal temperature quickly, suitable for all kinds of stoves, including induction.

  • Body is dishwasher safe. Lid must be washed separately, by hand.


REF - A185805 - A185802
EAN 8411796113546
Packaging units 2 2
Dimensions 41cm (Length) x 21.5cm (Width) x 53cm (Height) 41.2cm (Length) x 22.4cm (Width) x 10cm (Height)
Diameter 22 cm 22 cm
Induction steel diameter 18 cm 18 cm
Weight 1965 g
Volume Set Duo - 4 + 6 litros 6 litres
Collection Allure