Silicone grips Efficient

Ref: A284001

Silicones grips from the Efficient series in sets of 2 pieces suitable for all the frying pans, casseroles, cooking pots, paella pans, grill pans and woks from the same series.
Available in:
4 different formats according to the size of the frying pans, casseroles, cooking pots and woks.
Special format for the paella pans
Special format for the flat grill pan



  • It allows grabbing the utensils safely, avoiding burns.

  • In sets of two pieces.



REF - A284001 - A284004 - A284006 - A284008 - A284009 - A284011
EAN 8411796084020 8411796084037 8411796084044 8411796084372 8411796084051 8411796104148
Packaging units 6
Dimensions 9.50cm (Height) 10.50cm (Height) 17cm (Height) 22cm (Height) 19cm (Height) 9.00cm (Height)
Size 20cm 24cm - 32cm 36cm - 45cm Flat grill pan 35cm - 45cm Paella pan 32cm - 40cm 16cm
Diameter 16cm, 20cm, 24cm - 32cm, 36cm - 45cm, Flat grill pan 35cm - 45cm, Paella pan 32cm - 40cm
Base thickness 6 mm.
Collection Efficient
Colour Black and orange