Wok Life

Ref: A522028

The Life wok is a high-quality, lightweight, functional and sustainable wok, perfect for daily use. Made of 100% certified recycled cast aluminium, it allows cooking efficiently and healthily, with very little oil, thanks to its state-of-the-art Fusion Pro ceramic nonstick from PPG ™, free of PFOA and PFTE, with high gloss and scratch resistance. It is a very robust wok, non-deformable and with an innovative design.

The Life collection wok is made of 100% certified recycled cast aluminum, of the highest quality and strength, generating a lower environmental impact and contributing to the circular economy. It is a wok with less weight, but equally robust despite its lightness, which makes it ideal for everyday use, especially for people who have difficulties lifting heavier utensils.

Its design is innovative, highlighting the ergonomic handle with soft-touch coatings, the shades of gray and green and its modern finishes. It has a green silicone insert and a hole at the end of the handle with a profile of the same colour, so that it can be hung.

Features PPG ™ Fusion Pro Ceramic Nonstick, which is PFOA and PFTE free, long lasting and highly effective for enhanced performance. The high-gloss coating is highly resistant to heat, allows cooking with almost no oil, is very easy to clean and has extraordinary resistance to abrasion.

It is suitable for cooking on all types of stoves (including induction) thanks to its thick , full induction diffuser bottom . In addition, it has an efficient and excellent temperature distribution, offering maximum heat output for greater energy savings and perfect cooking of all our recipes.


  • Made of 100% certified recycled cast aluminum, of the highest quality and strength.

  • Contribution to the circular economy, with less environmental impact.

  • 4.5 mm thick diffuser bottom with Full Induction energy saving system, for maximum heat performance.

  • Suitable for all heat sources including induction.

  • Innovative state- of-the-art Fusion Pro ceramic nonstick coating from PPG ™ (lead free, cadmium free, PFOA and PFTE free).

  • High gloss coating, highly resistant to heat, long lasting and effective.
    It allows cooking with very little oil.

  • Ergonomic handle with soft-touch coatings for a safe and pleasant grip. Color tones and modern finishes.


REF A522028
EAN 8411796119807
Packaging units 4 units
Dimensions 28cm (Length) x 13.5cm (Width) x 49cm (Height)
Diameter 28 cm
Induction base diameter 14 cm
Base thickness 4,5 mm.
Weight 900 g
Collection Life