Frying pan Nordik

Ref: A122218

The BRA Nordik collection is made from 4 mm forged aluminium, with a three-layer Quantanium non-stick coating by Withford, reinforced with titanium for an ultra-resistant finish. The result is exceptional performance, much better than traditional non-stick utensils and allows cooking without or with very little oil for healthier cooking. BRA Nordik is a wide and very versatile collection that adapts to all types of cooking, including induction, for which it is particularly efficient thanks to its full induction system, which does not have holes and covers the entire bottom, making the most of the energy.


  • Quality Nordic inspired design.

  • Adapts to all types of cookers, including induction; Full Induction System bottom; with no holes and cover the entire bottom, takes advantage of all the energy

  • Ergonomic thermo-insulating handle with soft touch touch with wood effect.

  • Made from 100% recyclable aluminium.



REF - A122228 - A122218 - A122220 - A122222 - A122224 - A122226
EAN 8411796117261 8411796117216 8411796117223 8411796117230 8411796117247 8411796117254
Pieces 1
Packaging units 6 6 6 6 6 6
Dimensions 48.00cm (Length) x 28.00cm (Width) x 7.00cm (Height) 36.00cm (Length) x 18.00cm (Width) x 6.00cm (Height) 38.00cm (Length) x 20.00cm (Width) x 6.00cm (Height) 40.00cm (Length) x 22.00cm (Width) x 6.00cm (Height) 44.00cm (Length) x 24.00cm (Width) x 6.00cm (Height) 46.00cm (Length) x 26.00cm (Width) x 7.00cm (Height)
Diameter 28 cm 18 cm 20 cm 22 cm 24 cm 26 cm
Induction steel diameter 21 cm 13 cm 15 cm 17 cm 18 cm 20 cm
Base thickness 4 mm.
Weight 500 g
Collection Nordik
Colour Turquoise